Existing Aerial Photography

On site, Northway/Photomap/Remote Sensing Ltd. maintains a library of over 3/4 million aerial negatives from 1961 to the present. Off site our library extends to back to 1950. The scale of photography ranges from 1:2500 to 1:50000. All photography has been acquired with a minimum 60% forward overlap and 30% lateral overlap to satisfy a variety of services from Stereo Interpretation to Topographic Mapping, Orthophoto production and Aerial Anaglyphs.

The bulk of our photo coverage is in Ontario, but many other areas are also available. Our relationship with others in the mapping industry and with various government agencies enables us to locate and acquire photography beyond our own library. Our photography can be mosaicked, enlarged or reduced to produce report prints, transparencies and wall displays.

All Imagery products are produced on-site and can be provided in hard copy and digital formats. Delivery can be by post, courier, e-mail or via FTP Internet transfer.

Our aerial photography is also available for review at our office. This is a common exercise used by Environmentalists to assist with their Phase 1 Audits or lawyers in preparation of case material.

Our photography has been used in Text Books, Newspapers, Lobby Displays, Calendars, OMB Hearings, Legal Disputes, Real Estate Marketing, Reports, Websites, Company Advertisements and many other visual products.

New Aerial Photography

New aerial photography is acquired on a yearly basis for client projects and to renew our library. Both vertical and oblique aerial photography, black & white or color can be scheduled through our office. We can coordinate all the details from the design phase through to the final product.